Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Happening At Ever Living Hope Church!

Greetings Residents of Mizpah, Mays Landing, Richland, Egg Harbor City, Buena Vista, Vineland, Milville, and surrounding areas...

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our new and upcoming church, located at 1300 West Point Avenue Mizpah, NJ 08350. We are excited about what the Lord is doing in Atlantic County and we want you to be a part of it!

Join us as we "blog" about what God is revealing to the Body of Christ in these last days. Jesus proclaimed that the "kindgdom of heaven" is at hand - - meaning NOW!

You are living in your "NOW"! God is about to stimulate your life in ways you have never experienced before. His "Stimulus Anointing" is upon you NOW. Whatever you are facing that seems like it is drying up and dead...Know that a fresh anointing is being descended upon you NOW, and your life is being transformed! I know that God has predestined you to read this "blog" and because of your obedience and spiritual activation you have released Him to act on your behalf.

This is what living in the kingdom is all about! Every seed you have sown, you shall reap a harvest. Every "healthy choice" you make is transforming your life. It is us who beckons the Almighty God to bring "Spiritual Renewal" in our lives. We do so by making the decision to change our "choice life". We move from the place of "unhealthy choices" to a place of "healthy choice" making. Your God has declared a 2008 transformation to all those who will change their choice life and start making healthier choices!

What a God we serve!! You are about to embark upon a life in God that you have never experienced before. And when the Almighty God brings "Spiritual Renewal" it is packaged with "Natural Transformation". All of you and everything around you has been renewed and transformed. Forget those thing which are behind, Child of God, NOW press towards YOUR PRIZE!

Are you are winner? (Post your response to this blog by clicking "comments" below. I look forward to hearing your testimonies).

Posted by Elder Jerome Taylor
Executive Pastor of Ever Living Hope Church
& District Elder of Healthy Choice Ministries NJ


HealthyChoiceNJ said...

Yes, I am a winner!
I believe all that is written in this blog, and my time is NOW!
Thank you Elder Taylor
God Bless!

Your Elder said...

Great Proclamation!

MaryElizabeth said...

Yes, I am a Winner and I bless God for u Elder and H ealthy Choice Min
Thank U Elder and ABe bless

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Word from the Lord!

Pastor Couch II said...

This Word from the Lord is Anointed!

maryssa said...

I am a winner and yes my time is now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Tammy said...

Yes (for sure) I do feel like a winner but there's always some doubt. I say that Jehovah Jirah is my provider but why did I have to get a second job. It was revealed to me that I have to stay focus and with this part time second income I have to stay on my plan to pay off my bills by doubling up the payments. I ask God if I was to get a second job I would use the income to pay off my creditors. I also ask him to let it be something that I would enjoy and that it would work around my church fellowship schedule and I look in the papers two wks ago and found the perfect job that I enjoy doing. Everytime I think about what I need to do with this part time income I feel like a winner because I can now double up on my bill payments. I am a winner because as always God always gives us a way out of the situations that we entrap ourselves into. I truly thank my dad Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for just being who he is as Lady Taylor always says. We love you Lord God just for who you are. In Jesus Wonderful Name Amen.
I pray also for peace in all of your homes in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Rachel said...

i belive that my prize is upon me know!!! I am ready to stimulate my life. Healthy choice is a great ministry to start my process of stimulation!!!!Help me reach my altimate goal.........MY PRIZE!

Anonymous said...

Awesome and yes I am a winner. For me Christ + Healthy Choice = winner.

Lady Taylor said...

The scripture declares that if you believe in your prophets you shall prosper. So I believe first that I am a winner and secondly that the stimulus anointing has come to overtake me. I am posed to receive the blessings of the Lord that make rich and add no sorrow, I am so excited about what God is releasing in Healthy Choice Ministries worldwide. If you are without hope and looking for answers I urge you to come and visit us at Ever Living Hope Church. THe worship will change your today and the word will enlighten your future, because it's all about the lifestyle the Kingdom Lifestyle that is.

Anonymous said...

Elder Taylor... you never fail to deliver a NOW word to God's elect people. Thank you for keeping us encouraged and full of expectation for the manifestation of our kingdom lifestyle! Our time is NOW!!
~ Pastor C, DLC, HCM Baltimore ~

Tammy said...

Sister Tammy,
I just wanted to say thank you Jesus for putting these anointed leaders in my family life...Jesus Is LORD of all thank you Father God...Amen for your Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding.

Sis. Tammy said...

Good morning/evening Everliving Hope. Praise the LORD Jesus for waking us up this morning and most of all in our right minds. Jesus because of your blood we are able to leave the abundant life that you had intended us to live. Jesus we thank you for loving us so much that you relieve us of all all wrong doing. Jesus what will you have us to do on our today's and tomorrows. Holy Spirit no my will but your will be done. It's all about the Kingdom of God. Again I say thank you Jesus for everything. You are Alfa and Omega and the Beginning and the End in our lives and Thank you. We love you and want to be continued to be used by you in The Mighty Name of Jesus.
Thank you for loving Everling Hope Church and all our families. Amen

Sis. Tammy said...

con't to Sis. Tammys previous msgs.

The comment is (were able to live the abundant life) and Holy Spirit not my (our) will but your will be done... Amen